Why Serverless will enable the Edge Computing Revolution

Serverless changes how we build applications both technically and conceptually — the same changes will enable Edge Computing adoption.

Ben Ellerby
Apr 19 · 9 min read

On the Edge

What is Serverless?

Technology — it’s always cyclical

Real World Edge Computing

Worlds Collide — The Serverless Edge… CentreLess?

Lambda@Edge — Serverless services are already at the Edge

Serverless.yml file definition for a single Lambda@Edge function — the complete IaC template needed.
The “handler” function and it’s parameters are very familiar to users of “traditional” Lambda Functions

Firecracker — solving many challenges for Serverless that Edge computing will face

Emerging Edge Computing Services

Serverless will be the enabler for Edge

Serverless changes how we build applications — these are the same changes the Edge Computing Revolution will need.

Serverless Transformation

Serverless Tools, Techniques, and Case Studies

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