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Top 15 Azure Serverless Blogs of 2018

Curated by Serverless360 team, We have consolidated some of the popular Azure Serverless blogs of 2018.

In order event processing with Azure Functions

Jeff Hollan | Senior Program Manager (Azure Functions)

public static async Task RunAsync([EventHubTrigger("ordered", Connection = "EventHub")] EventData[] eventDataSet, TraceWriter log)
log.Info($"Triggered batch of size {eventDataSet.Length}");
foreach (var eventData in eventDataSet) {
await db.ListRightPushAsync("events:" + eventData.Properties["partitionKey"], (string)eventData.Properties["counter"]);
// handle event exception

A way to guarantee events processing in a specific order, when serverless can scale and be running on multiple parallel instances.

Azure Event Grid: Glue for the Internet

Jeremy Likness | Cloud Developer Advocate (Microsoft Azure)

Event Grid can provide a fully functional event-driven pub-sub backbone up and runs without having to worry about the infrastructure just by a few clicks.

Use the Serverless Cloud for ETL Scenarios

Jeremy Likness | Cloud Developer Advocate (Microsoft Azure)

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is a common scenario in enterprise applications that serverless applications are uniquely positioned to address.

When to use Logic Apps and Azure Functions

Steef-Jan Wiggers | Microsoft Azure MVP

All you need to know about Azure Logic Apps and Functions regarding how to use both in a cloud-native integration scenario, comparing Logic Apps and Azure Functions, and when to use either one of them.

Reliable Event Processing in Azure Functions

Jeff Hollan | Senior Program Manager (Azure Functions)

Learn to create a reliable message processor to avoid losing any messages during event processing.

Azure Functions: Choosing between queues and event hubs

Jeff Hollan | Senior Program Manager (Azure Functions)

Each of these messaging technologies comes with its own set of behaviors that can impact your solution. This blog will show that choosing the wrong messaging pipeline can result in a magnitude difference in processing time.

Making Sense of Azure Durable Functions

Mikhail Shilkov | Microsoft Azure MVP

Durable Function is a library that brings workflow orchestration abstractions to Azure Functions. It introduces a number of idioms and tools to define stateful, potentially long-running operations, and manages a lot of mechanics of reliable communication behind the scenes.

The comprehensive way to operate, manage and monitor Azure Serverless Services related to Enterprise Integration

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