Serverless Framework templates can rapidly speed up new project development.

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Nov 27, 2018 · 3 min read

In this article, we are going to dive into using a powerful new feature of Serverless Framework that allows us to easily create reusable patterns that we can use for future projects and share to our fellow teams or the community at large.


  • Serverless CLI
  • Background with the Serverless Framework

When it comes to starting new projects you always want to skip as many steps as possible. Specifically, if you’re working with the Serverless Framework you want to skip having to manually create a serverless.yml file and an initial lambda function.

Most people who use the Serverless Framework are fully aware that you can run a command like this.

$~: sls create --template aws-nodejs --path nodejs-project

However, did you know that the Serverless Framework has A LOT of other templates!? Let's get into it.

Well played sir:

How do you leverage a template to speed up new projects?

$~: sls create --template <template> --path <directory_name>


There is official template support for python 2.7 and python 3.x.

  • Python 2.7aws-python
  • Python 3.xaws-python3


There is official template support for NodeJS 8.x, NodeJS + TypeScript and NodeJS + ECMA Script.

  • NodeJS 8.x aws-nodejs
  • NodeJS + TypeScriptaws-nodejs-typescript
  • NodeJS + ECMA Script aws-nodejs-ecma-script


There is official template support for Java with Maven and Java with Gradle.

  • Java with Mavenaws-java-maven
  • Java with Gradle aws-java-gradle


There is official template support for Kotlin with Maven, Kotlin with Gradle, and Kotlin with Gradle + NodeJS 🤯 🤯.

  • Kotlin with Maven aws-kotlin-jvm-maven
  • Kotlin with Gradle aws-kotlin-jvm-gradle
  • Kotlin with Gradle + NodeJSaws-kotlin-nodejs-gradle


There is official template support for Groovy, Scala, CSharp, and FSharp. Isn’t that rad! 🤙🤙

  • Groovy with Gradle aws-groovy-gradle
  • Scala aws-scala-sbt
  • CSharp aws-csharp
  • FSharpaws-fsharp

More Templates

You can also easily spin up the foundation for Serverless Plugins, Alexa skills, and even your own custom templates!!

Custom templates allow you to create your own Serverless Templates which you can reference via the publicly hosted URL (e.g. GitHub).

We recently wrote an article showing how to deploy static web applications to AWS using a custom Serverless template which makes the entire process feel way to easy. Check it out!

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Serverless Guru

Serverless Guru is a cloud consulting and training company specializing in Serverless development and cloud optimization.

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Serverless Guru

Serverless Guru is a cloud consulting and training company specializing in Serverless development and cloud optimization.

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