Security improvements

In order to keep your information secure we’ve switched to a better password encryption algorithm. Your password will be re-encrypted with the new algoritm the next time you log in.

Our motivation

A week ago, an ethical hacker contacted us about a brute-force login in February 2015. The hacker had broken into an old phpMyAdmin environment on an old server, where we had an old version of ServerPact stored. About 50% of the 77 000 accounts with our old encryption algorithm were compromised. We notified all affected users and urged them to change their password the same day. Keep in mind that we do not store any sensitive payment details and that we keep as little sensitive information about you and your server.

After a full security inspection no other vulnerabilities have been found. Anyone who finds vulnerabilities can contact us.

What’s next

We’re working hard on the next big update. This update will include a new design and more security measures like Two-Factor-Authentication and better encryption of any sensitive information.