Upcoming update…

We’re working hard on the next version of ServerPact. Not only will this update involve a new design, the site has also been completely rewritten from the ground up.

Part of the new design is our new logo, which you might have noticed already, here on Medium.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what the site will look like.

Note: The site is still a Work In Progress and subject to change.

We’ve made the server cards simpler and removed a lot of clutter from the page.

This page features a lot of new things.

  • You can upload your own header image and have it displayed on your server’s details page.
  • A new comment system.

We still have to work on the statistics, so don’t focus too much on that yet.

The account settings page

To further improve upon security we’ve decided to add support for Two-Factor-Authentication.

We’re still working hard on this big update and can’t determine a release date as of yet, but be sure to follow us here on Medium or Twitter for the latest news regarding the update.

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