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15 Essential IFTTT Recipes For Your eCommerce Store

If you’re not yet using IFTTT (If This Then That) to automate your digital tasks, you could stand to claw back hours of your valuable time every week by signing up for an account.

This clever platform is an incredibly helpful tool which you can use to run online tasks automatically, with impressively specific instructions and sophisticated outcomes. From Twitter to Google Sheets, there are hundreds of applications which can now be used with IFTTT, integrating your online accounts and taking a whole lot of work off the plates of busy digital people and businesses.

Today we’ll be sharing a whole platter of great IFTTT recipes which will make running an eCommerce business simpler, faster and more streamlined. From managing your social media, to fulfilling orders and keeping tabs on the competition, these 15 helpful recipes are virtually indispensable…

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IFTTT Recipe: If New Ecommerce Store Order Received, Email Fulfillment Team connects gmail to gmail

This handy recipe will automatically send an email to your fulfilment team every time an order comes through to your Gmail account. A fantastic time-saver if you’re running a small eCommerce store.

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Source: sametomorrow

Source: sametomorrow[/caption]

IFTTT Recipe: Organize Your Receipts! Add incoming 'Receipts' to a Receipt Spreadsheet (w first Attachment!) connects gmail to google-drive

Staying on top of expenses can be a pain. This helpful recipe makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks, collecting all of your receipts the moment they hit your Gmail account and compiling them in a chronological Google Sheet.

IFTTT Recipe: Stock Watch to SMS connects stocks to sms

Do stock market fluctuations affect your eCommerce business? Make sure you never miss a beat by following the stocks that matter to you on Stock Watch. If anything changes, you’ll receive a notification immediately by text.

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Source: cheapoguides

Source: cheapoguides[/caption]

IFTTT Recipe: Log Work Hours in Google Sheets connects ios-location to google-drive

Keep track of when and where you’re working with this recipe, perfect for helping you get organised, streamline the way you work and, if you happen to be an employee, submit your time sheets accurately.

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Source: RBR Law

Source: RBR Law[/caption]

IFTTT Recipe: Website is Down (via Uptime Robot), Android Notification to Pause Adwords connects gmail to android-notifications

Don’t let downtime waste your ad budget. If your website goes down and you receive a message from Uptime Robot, this recipe will automatically send you a reminder to pause any Adwords campaigns you might be running. No more wasted clicks!

IFTTT Recipe: Monthly reminder to review ecommerce store analytics connects date-time to sms

Are you keeping tabs on your traffic? This recipe will make sure you’re giving your Google Analytics account a good looking over at least once a month. Choose your day and keep a close eye on your online performance.

IFTTT Recipe: Save my attachments to Dropbox connects email to dropbox

Whether you’re working on a new digital marketing strategy or doing the books, this recipe will ensure that none of your essential documents are left to languish or get lost in your email inbox by sending them straight to your Dropbox.

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Source: CSS Author

Source: CSS Author[/caption]

IFTTT Recipe: If Customer Mentions You on Twitter, Add a Row to Google Drive Spreadsheet connects twitter to google-drive

Whether you’re receiving compliments or complaints, saving Twitter mentions from your customers will help you stay on top of social media, deal with updates in one sit down session, cultivate relationships with loyal customers, get a feel for current trends or issues and keep a clear history of your activity.

IFTTT Recipe: If your Facebook profile picture changes then update your Twitter profile picture too connects facebook to twitter

Keep your brand consistent across your social media accounts. This quick little recipe will save you valuable time that you could spend more productively elsewhere.

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram to Tumblr connects instagram to tumblr

This is a fantastic recipe for any eCommerce store with strong visual appeal and a young target market. By re-purposing your Instagram posts as automated Tumblr posts you’ll save a bundle of time and dramatically increase your site’s social reach.

IFTTT Recipe: Post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures connects instagram to twitter

Multimedia tweets which include embedded images are fantastic for getting attention in busy newsfeeds. Instantly and automatically turn your instagrams into stand-out tweets with this useful recipe. Powerful social media marketing without lifting a finger.

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Source: anon

Source: anon[/caption]

IFTTT Recipe: If Compeitor Product Price Drops Create Todoist Task to Review connects trackif to todoist

Stay on top of your competition. Choose products to follow, if their prices fall, you’ll be the first to know about it and this recipe will make sure you make time to review the price cut by setting up a task in project management app Todoist.

IFTTT Recipe: #Ecommerce connects feed to twitter

Keen to be seen as a thought leader among your peers? This recipe will be on red alert for any eCommerce related news from your chosen RSS feed, then publish it on your Twitter account to prove that you’re in the loop.

IFTTT Recipe: Publish ecommerce articles on LinkedIn connects the-new-york-times to linkedin

Here’s another recipe that will show competitors, contacts and clients alike that you have your eye on the prize. This version automatically publishes the very latest NYT articles relating to eCommerce on your LinkedIn.

IFTTT Recipe: Email me when MacRumors post something about the upcoming iPhone 6! connects feed to email

Get an email alert every time your competitors blog about certain subjects, giving you the chance to make your voice heard, stay on top of goings on in your industry and get a feel for their strategy.

Do you use IFTTT in your eCommerce business? What’s your favourite, time-saving recipe? Have you tried to create your own? Share your picks and creations with other readers below or tweet them to our team.



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