Chrome plans to start highlighting Not Secure websites

Andy Gambles
Sep 6, 2016 · 2 min read

Chrome 55 (latest beta build available via Chrome Canary) has the ability to specifically flag a HTTP website as non secure.

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HTTP Website in Chrome 55

This is a pretty big step change in making encryption much more important for every site owner. There has been talk that Chrome will also introduce a warning for sites containing password fields but no HTTPS. At this time there is no difference with the standard HTTP website “Not Secure” warning.

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HTTP Website in Chrome 55 with password field

It looks as though Chrome are slowly encouraging owners to go HTTPS even if they don’t think it is needed.

More prominence is also given to sites deploying correctly configured HTTPS certificates.

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HTTPS Website in Chrome 55

Finally EV Certificates continue to highlight the organisation details providing additional validation and trust.

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EV Certificate in Chrome 55


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