Complaining customers are your best customers

You just finish typing a response to a customer who has had the audacity to complain about being unable to find the correct button on your website or application. As you waste your time taking screenshots, adding big arrows and typing out step by step instructions as though they are still in nappies you think about the fact you have had zero customers complain about this problem ever you feel like signing off with “Are you stupid?”

Take a breath and think for a moment. Why has this customer got in to such a state they feel the need to complain? The fact is wether they realise it or not they probably care about your business. The very fact they have taken the time to contact you means they want to work with you. They want to resolve whatever the issue is and continue to be your customer.

The people who don’t care are those who when they hit a problem quietly leave. They don’t kick up a fuss and they don’t take the time to complain. They just shrug and move onto someone else, your competitors.

Think carefully about the complaint you just received and consider how many customers you may have lost, or missed out on gaining, because nobody has ever complained before.

At Servertastic we often have those “Are you stupid?” moments. The fact is we are the stupid ones. If a customer needs to complain about something not working as they expected it means we have failed. It means we have done something wrong or not explained something well enough and we need to put it right. Each time a customer contacts us it is an opportunity to learn and improve our systems, procedures and our authenticity.

Perhaps your complainer is your saviour.