How to stop targeted adverts from tracking you

Yesterday I was browsing the B&Q website looking for some new shelving (I really need to tidy out my garage). For the rest of the day every website I visited with adverts tried to sell me shelving. This is targeted advertising and it can feel a little creepy. I have mentioned previously how you can find out what Google knows about you.
 TRUSTe provides an easy way for you to opt-out of this kind of tracking. Visit the Your Advertising Choices page. This will show you the major advertising networks on the internet and allow you to op-out of individual networks or all of them.

As you can see from the screenshot above it will also tell you if you have an active tracking cookie on your computer from the ad network.

Some important points to note about using this service.

  • You will still see adverts but they will be generic
  • The settings only apply to the computer you are on now
  • If you clear your cookies in the future you will need to do this again
  • The ads you now see may be out of context and boring (but a lot less creepy!)