Tools to migrate Wordpress from development to production

Migrating Wordpress can be a nightmare

If you ever develop locally with Wordpress you know what a nightmare it can be to move the site to production.

Over the years we have seen and used many different techniques and hacks. These include editing the wp-config.php. Hard coding the site URL. Search and replace on the database for old site URLs. Even setting up the site locally with the same URL as production and using the hosts file. Imagine the mess when you think you are locally and you are actually live!

We have found some solutions that are sure to help you out with migrating sites from development to production painlessly.


Our current favourite and very easy to use. Creates a complete export of your site files and data. You then run an installer script on the new server location and you are up and running in minutes. During the install you can amend the site URL automatically. The only point to note which we didn’t realise at first is you need to remove all WP files from the new location before running the installer.php.

WP Migrate DB

This plugin is a simple search and replace on the Database. This means you still need to copy your Wordpress installation manually from one location to another and run WP Migrate DB.


Not just a migration tool but a complete backup solution for your Wordpress site. This is a paid for plugin but comes with professional support. If you need a good allrounder and you are happy to spend a bit of money this is one of the best options available.