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In order for a project to come to life, the team behind the idea needs to be well experienced. With over 100 years of combined experience in the logistics delivery industry, it’s easy to see why Serve is attracting the attention of many global leaders.

Below are brief backgrounds of each core member in the Serve Team!

Shahan Ohanessian | Founder & CEO

Shahan Ohanessian / CEO


Throughout his life, Shahan has been an entrepreneur and has excelled in his ventures. During his storied career, he has always been passionate about providing a great consumer experience. That led to his involvement in Scoobeez, a leading last-mile logistics and delivery company based out of Pasadena, California. As CEO of Scoobeez, Shahan had helped build the company from a small courier company into the massive same-day and next-day delivery operation it currently is. From his experience at Scoobeez, Shahan learned that, if everyone in the supply chain has skin in the game, the consumer is the ultimate beneficiary. This ethos has formed the basis for his current brainchild — Serve.

George Voskanian | Founder & CFO

George Voskanian / CFO


George has 10 years of experience in public and private capital markets including buy side and sell side securities transactions and covered long, short equities, as well as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, follow-on offerings, principal investments, private debt and equity offerings. Notable transactions in which George has been involved include a $48M sell-side mandate of Ruby Receptionists; $50M debt restructuring of Nebraska Book Company; B. Riley’s acquisitions of United Online, and FBR Investment Bank and Wunderlich Securities for $148M and $160M, respectively. Prior to joining Serve, George had worked at SSI Investment Management, BNP Paribas, Signal Hill Capital and B. Riley FBR Financial.

Roman Tsarovsky | Founder & CTO

Roman Tsarovsky / CTO


Roman comes from a background in technology and automation with a focus on emerging industries such as blockchain, AR, AI, machine learning and security. Roman’s passion has always been to develop and build exciting and innovative technologies that help increase efficiency in systems. Roman has over 10 years of coding experience in over 10 languages. Using these skills, he has successfully built numerous businesses, consulted and architected enterprise-level software, and assisted companies become more efficient with their internal technologies. More recently, Roman has been architecting enterprise resource planning solutions, token economic structures, and integration into blockchain technologies using Solidity. Roman’s core belief is that any problem can be resolved with a view towards automation and optimization

Ycaza Thrush | Founder & CVO

Ycaza Thrush / CVO

Ycaza Thrush is a 23-year veteran in the technology industry. He has served as head production designer, designing projects in the music and film industry. He has been the CTO of 5 different networking and ISP ventures such as the nascent DSL business in 1998. He joins us after selling his last hosting company in 2011. Caz has served as consultant to publishing, graphics, music, and film companies. He also has consulted with Scoobeez, a leading last-mile logistics and delivery provider. Caz brings all of this experience and his unique vision to Serve.

Suzy Ohanessian | Founder & President

Suzy Ohanessian / PRESIDENT

Like the rest of the Serve team, Suzy is an entrepreneur at heart and she puts her heart into everything she does. She has over 20 years of experience in operations and is a veteran of the last-mile logistics and delivery industry. For the last four years, Suzy has managed the operations of Scoobeez, a leading last-mile logistics and delivery company based out of Pasadena, California. During her time there, she has overseen and played a critical role in the launch all of the company’s locations. She has also helped to build new and emerging technologies focused on increasing productivity in operations. Like every good leader, she heads into battle with her team and she brings this passion to the Serve team.

Scott Sheikh | Founder & CLO

Scott Sheikh / CLO


Scott started a boutique law practice in 2007, with a focus on helping small businesses and technology start-ups navigate the complex state and federal legal landscapes. His practice grew steadily over the last decade and, amongst other accomplishments, has settled numerous commercial disputes, including one worth $40 million dollars. He has also helped clients close numerous rounds of financing, the most recent being from Google. Last year, he joined the Scoobeez family with its technology-focused approach to logistics and delivery. With Scoobeez, Scott became acquainted with on-demand delivery and last-mile logistics and the nuances and complexities of those industries. Scott brings his experience in and passion for last-mile logistics, emerging technologies, and cutting-edge law to Serve.

The Serve team is a well-rounded group of professionals that aim to provide global benefits to businesses, service providers, and users. With their experience in the logistics delivery industry, along with the network they have built, the team is poised to create a paradigm shift.

Visit the Serve website to learn more about what we do!

Join our Telegram Group to be a member of the Serve Community.

We are here to Serve!

Serve Token

Decentralizing Logistic Services on the Blockchain


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Serve Token

Decentralizing Logistic Services on the Blockchain

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