A love letter to invisible designers

A global pandemic was thrust into our news headlines in late 2019. In 2021, we’re at the end of another difficult year where the world continues to respond to extraordinary circumstances

Good Design is often invisible

Find my NHS Number service

Services in a pandemic are operating in a complicated and rushed delivery eco-system

A flow chart of who runs test and trace, sharing organisational names like Randox, Sodexo, Astrazeneca in blue boxes connected to each other to show who shares each part of the test and trace service delivery

“The name NHS Test and Trace sounds like it is one whole service that is part of the NHS. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

A stakeholder map for Test and Trace services at the heigh of the pandemic

Standards can help improve fragmented services

Working backwards to fix unconscious design decisions

“Services are made of 1000s of design decisions before we even get to the point of designing the ‘user experience”

Book a vaccination form showing gender options in NHS branding

The real invisible work is reducing complexity

“With all the new services linking to each other, there was a risk we were making things too complicated for people”

Image from Hammersmith and Fulham showing distancing signage on the pavement

This was really just a love letter and a deep thank you to everyone involved in designing these vital services



An eclectic collection of service design doing and thinking

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Sarah Drummond

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