A More Coherent Definition of Service Design

We seem to need a more coherent definition for Service Design. It’s a tall order because there are so many definitions already permeating social media — none of them spot on. They all have inherent flaws in logic and practical application.

So here’s mine (from 30 years of designing mostly successful services across the private sector, public sector, and non-profit sector.). Feel free to chime in with you comments.

  • Its user-centric tools and techniques of the practice allow providers to achieve more predictable, successful outcomes.
  • The tools and techniques used by service designers are used to design new services and address concerns or challenges with existing services, such as whether to improve the service, alter key parts of the service to adapt to changing circumstances and assess the value of a service to users and providers alike.
  • A successful service is one that delivers a satisfying outcome to users.

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Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater

Steven J. Slater, a service designer, is co-founder of International Service Design Institute www.internationalservicedesigninstitute.com