Round table: Service design and learning

We are organising a round table discussion on “Service Design and learning: intersections between industry and academia”.

Service Design. Learning. Industry. Academia.

At Service Design Portugal, the topic of “Service Design and learning: intersections between industry and academia” has always interested us.

We are promoting an online round table next October 6th, at 6:30pm (GMT), with an all-star panel 🏆 (see the guest speakers below). We will have national 🇵🇹 and international 🇬🇧 guests, who are practitioners coming from the design, management and learning areas (which, by the way, are all core skills areas for Service Design practice).

In the Advanced Training in Service Design — Transformation and Innovation (which stems from a joint effort between the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Service Design Portugal), we have been making some experiences of collaboration with the industry. So, this time we look forward to continuing exploring and learning, with these guests, ways to better enhance the training in its adhesion to reality.

⭐Panel Speakers⭐️

  • Tash Willcocks — Head of Learning Design We are Snook | LinkedIn
  • James Tattersfield — Founder & Managing Director @PolarInsight | LinkedIn
  • Sara Ramos — Independent Learning Designer, Facilitator & Community Host | LinkedIn
It’s an all-star panel, innit? =}

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