Service Design Tour Köln & Düsseldorf

A glance into different scale Service Design practitioners in North Rhine-Westphalia

1 - Deloitte Digital, Düsseldorf

Photo: Angelica Braccia

2 - Yello, Cologne

Photo: Angelica Braccia

3 - Interbrand, Cologne


4 - Denkwerk, Cologne

Photo: Angelica Braccia

5 - Minds&makers, Cologne

Photo: Vanessa Espinosa
Photo: Angelica Braccia
Photo: Angelica Braccia

The special post-tour event


Participants of the Service Design Tour Köln/Düsseldorf — February , 2018.




Service Design Tour is an initiative that offers opportunities for students to discover how service design exists and is applied in real-world situations, while offering companies a chance to increase their profile among the young professional service design community.

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Abi Schreider

Service experience designer from Argentina — Currently based in Köln, Germany.