How to Motivate your Customer Service Team to Achieve Peak Performance

A superior customer experience starts from within – 5 tips to spark motivation in your customer service team.
We cannot say it often enough: The key to a sustainable and successful development of your business is a smooth customer experience and excellent customer service. However, you must never forget that the satisfaction of your customers actually begins with the satisfaction of your employees. But how you can motivate your customer service staff?

Many companies still view customer service as a necessary evil. This is a huge mistake! Your service team communicates around the clock using all possible channels with individuals who ultimately determine the success or failure of your company, namely your customers. The second common mistake is to think that everyone is skilled at customer service. And so, if everyone can provide superior customer service, why does everyone not do it?

1. Customer Insights Through Direct Customer Contact

A number of companies, particularly those that more open to experimenting, follow this principle and ask all their employees to spend some time on the telephone. Everyone in the team learns how much work and dedication goes into customer service. After doing this, one would think twice about making derogatory comments about customer service. The pleasant side effect is that additional contact with the outside world may give you completely new insights into the needs, wishes and problems of your customers. These insights are particularly useful for managers and can cause them to make important changes.

2. Appreciation and Recognition Are Basic Requirements

We may be stating the obvious, but according to Glassdoor and many other studies, appreciation and recognition are the motivation factor number 1 and thus remain far ahead of fearing to lose one’s job. Giving praise and attention are all the more noticeable in a sector that traditionally suffers from too little respect, which is unfortunately still the case for customer service. And just like in our private lives, we are more willing to do more and to work for people who are grateful for it. To do this, you can be creative or even personal with people: emails, giving attention to someone’s birthday or their holiday, or even just kindly surprising someone.

3. Providing Training and a Modern Workplace Always Pay Off

The prevailing view that customer service is not only badly paid, but also that you can employ less qualified staff to work in basic conditions is not entirely unjustified. Customer service is a supreme discipline and it takes great talent and skills to offer high-quality customer service. Make your employees’ lives easier by providing them with job-related benefits. Regular training together with the latest technology in the workplace such as artificial intelligence helping your customer service staff become faster and better can work miracles for motivation. If your service team enjoy working for you, the customers will eventually notice this — and vice versa.

4. Challenge and Promotion Also Works in the Call Center

Are you not particularly satisfied with your customer service and feel that more dozing goes on than work? Spare yourself and your service team the threats and warnings and find out if there are one or two more productive employees in the service team. Draw attention to this and make sure your other employees realise what you’re doing. Already the seed of comparison will have been scattered and ambition can spring up all the more. Our tip is to let your employees know that they are noticed and that they will be rewarded for their hard work.

5. Only Genuine Brand Ambassadors Make Customers Happy

Make your service employees enthusiastic ambassadors of your brand, especially given that they are one of the most important links between your customers and your company. Try to improve the job position’s image and keep a level playing field between service and management. Our tip is to lend a listening ear to your employees and create real communication channels between your customer service and your leadership team. Regular meetings and reviews with a healthy mix of praise and criticism will quickly lead to better results and make your customers happier.

Takeaways: Good customer service is worth a mint and a motivated team of service staff provide the foundation for it. You do not have to turn your whole business upside down; a few small ideas and changes can completely change your relationship with your customers.

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