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May 22, 2018 · 2 min read
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The mission of the Service-Learning Program is to centralize resources and support for faculty, students, partner organizations and the diverse communities they serve in order to advance education and social justice through shared learning and collaborative action.

Service-Learning is an educational approach that integrates meaningful community engagement with academic curriculum emphasizing critical reflection and analysis. Through partnerships with community organizations and schools, students have the opportunity to learn about the lives of others and the larger contexts and root causes of issues that ultimately impact the well-being of all. Service-Learning embraces the principles of reciprocity between all parties — the community partners are co-educators, faculty and students are engaged citizens, and the academy becomes an active member of the local and global community.

Community Partners: Our Co-Educators! The list below represents the schools and organizations that we work with an ongoing basis to create partnerships that nurture respectful relationships and mutual benefits that lead to deep and meaningful learning experiences for Dominican students. Our partners are incredible! None of this could happen without their tireless generosity and willingness to guide and mentor Dominican students while, together, we continue to navigate, negotiate, and celebrate the complexity of our shared goals.

Asian American Alliance of Marin

AAAM Vietnamese American Oral History Collection a collaboration between Marin County Mental Health Services BRIDGE Program and the Asian American Alliance of Marin (AAAM).

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program at San Rafael High School

Canal Alliance (Univeristy Prep, Food Pantry, Adult ESL)

Catholic Charities Canal Family Support Kids Club

College of Marin Adaptive P.E.

Davidson Middle School (Newcomers, AVID, Special Ed programs)

Health Hubs (Marin Community Clinic)

Laurel Dell Elementary School (Day School and LEAP After-school Program)

Lifehouse Marin TRIP (teen recreation integration program)

Marin Chinese Cultural Association

Marin Health and Human Services

Marin’s Community School

Marin Shakespeare for Social Justice

Next Generation Scholars

Parent Services Project Aprendiendo Juntos

Ritter Center

RotaCare Clinic San Rafael

Senior Access

The Spahr Center

Venetia Valley School (I CAN!)

Whistlestop Active Aging

Young Moms Marin

Dominican University Service-Learning Program

Service-Learning Program, Dominican University of…

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