SP’17 SL Student Leader Spotlight: Dasha Alexander

Dasha Alexander is a new Service-Learning leader in the Spring 2017 semester, working with Venetia Valley K-8 School. A sophomore transfer from the East coast, she made the journey to Dominican University with the aspirations of becoming a teacher. Thus far, her transition has been smooth. Submerged in student-teaching and classroom observation, she has found her new home. Aware of her desires to become a fully fledged middle school teacher, Venetia Valley instructor, Mr. Stickle, has taken her under his wing. Dasha frequently works on mock lesson plans for his class and receives direct feedback and advice in response. This opportunity has become a driving force in Dasha’s budding career.

“I’ve never had such an immersive and educational service-learning experience before I started serving with Venetia Valley,” says Dasha.
Dasha with the sidewalk art she created for the Social Justice Jam

Aside from enjoying her work at Venetia Valley on Fridays, Dasha finds fulfillment in her service-learning class, Expository Writing. She notes that the class’s professor, Amy Wong, seamlessly incorporates her students’ various community experiences into the class’s curriculum. For instance, Wong teaches how her students’ tutoring experiences can relate to the story of Hamlet and how they can apply what they have learned in Hamlet to their service learning work. Dasha believes that this is “truly an integrative and engaging way to learn more about Shakespeare and teaching”.

Dasha also demonstrates her passion for community engagement through the planning and participation of the Social Justice Jam hosted by Service-Learning Program on April 20, 2017.

Now that she has gotten her foot in the door, Dasha can’t wait to explore other service-learning opportunities and take advantage of what Dominican has to offer.