Spring ’17 Student Reflection: D’Angelo Paillet on Establishing Community Connections

From left to right: D’Angelo Paillet, Martin Steinman (Director of Adult ESL, Canal Alliance), and Osvaldo Palamares (Director of Family and Community Engagement, Next Generation Scholars).
“Not only did accompaniment help me with my learning for this class, but it also helped me to become more engaged in my work. It is really easy to sit in an office and make assumptions about what types of services will help a community. . . . Through accompaniment, one can see exactly how hard the people of these marginalized communities are working to provide for themselves and their families. Accompaniment dispels the myth that people only want a hand out: “True accompaniment does not privilege technical expertise above solidarity or compassion or a willingness to tackle what may seem to be insuperable challenges. It requires cooperation, openness, and teamwork” (Farmer, 4).” — D’Angelo Paillet

D’Angelo Paillet ’18 is a Business Management Major and Community Action and Social Change Minor. Besides attending Dominican, he is also the Social Services Program Manager for CalFresh in Marin. For the Community Action and Social Change: Theory and Practice course, D’Angelo worked with two community partners — Canal Alliance and Next Generation Scholars— to get a broader perspective on Marin county’s food inequity. Through D’Angelo, both community partners are now working more closely with Cal Fresh Marin to provide better access for food to their constituents.

D’Angelo shares his experience working with the community partners during the Service-Learning Symposium on May 3.

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