God - wink


Ever heard of a God wink? It’s one of those moments when something happens that you know must have been divinely arranged or orchestrated. Some call them mere coincidences, others call it luck. But to me, they are God-winks. They are God’s way of reminding me that He is still around. Still watching over me, still present, living and active in and around me. I’ve had quite a number of God-winks recently. There have been so many moments when I know that but for some divine intervention, I would be severely disgraced or found myself in big trouble. A lot of the time just when I am about to kiss my sanity or blamelessness good bye, the situation is completely turned around to serve my interest.

Now this may not be the best of examples but I’m going to use it because it literally just happened and it’s quite exciting for me to experience a God wink just as I am writing about God winks. So I have wanted a particular type of necklace for the longest time. I went on an online shop and found what I had been looking for just that it was silver plated, not gold as I had wanted. I decided to buy it anyway because according to the website, there was only one left and I really wanted that chain. A few minutes later, I was casually browsing on the same site when I found the same chain in the exact color I originally wanted it; gold. I hate being a hindrance or inconveniencing people (I know sometimes it’s necessary; I’m a work in progress) so I didn’t like the idea of calling to cancel or change the order. I just decided to go with what I had already chosen. Guess what literally just happened? I got a call from the store saying that they are out of stock on the silver plated necklaces. All they have left is black and gold! So yep; things were divinely orchestrated to get me my much desired gold plated necklace.

As I think through the many God winks I’ve experienced in the past two months, one song keeps coming to mind. Count your blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. It is easy to overlook the little ways in which God shows up in our daily lives. Sometimes it may even cross our minds but we are afraid of entertaining the thought, left alone telling others because we will be accused of being over-spiritual or exaggerating mere coincidences. I’ve been on the other side of this line before. Every day at lunch for three consecutive days, a work colleague of mine found that each time she went to get a spoon there was always only one left of the type of spoon she liked to eat with. She would always come to our table excitedly squealing that God had preserved the spoon for her. I brushed it off saying that she was exaggerating and usually, others agreed with me, but if we always pay attention to other’s comments about our faith in God, we will be doing everything but actually having a fruitful relationship with God. We would be having others’ ideas of a relationship with God. It’s like you allowing someone else to dictate to you how you should relate with your beloved. Crazy right? Is the relationship yours or theirs? ;) ;) ;)

I think if we all take time to analyze our lives more thoroughly, we would find that there are loads of miracles that God works out for us on a daily basis. I personally find that noticing these and giving God the due credit for it boosts my confidence because I realize that I never walk alone (allow; my Dad is a Liverpool fan). No matter the circumstance I can look back into my day and trust that God is in it so things will eventually work out for my good. It helps me keep consciousness of the presence of God throughout my day. Each time I experience a God wink, I smile, look up with my best puppy dog eyes and whisper, ‘Thanks Dad’.

There’s a ton to be thankful for. Just look a tad bit closer.

- 07/2016