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Introducing the Sesameseed Knowledge Base

Sesameseed is excited to share a few of the ways you can use the Sesameseed knowledge base to learn more about Sesameseed, SEED and Sprout. The Sesameseed knowledge base is a keyword searchable tool that provides concise, easy-to-understand answers to questions about Sesameseed-related concepts, terms, or policies. The knowledge base can be found on Sesameseed’s website or accessed directly using the URL, and is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Many of the most commonly asked questions from both new and existing community members are answered in the knowledge base. It contains answers to questions such as “What is SEED?” and “What are the benefits of holding SEED?” It can also be asked about Sesameseed specific terms such as “What is redeem value?” or “What is the SEED Rewards Bonus?” Many of Sesameseed’s education materials can also be found in the knowledge base such as “Sesameseed in One Page” and “How do I Stake for Sesameseed on Harmony?” The knowledge base will also contain the most current staking and SEED rewards information for each represented blockchain.

The Sesameseed knowledge base will help the community to quickly and easily access all the information they need about Sesameseed, SEED token and staking on the various represented blockchains. As Sesameseed continues to expand the SEED rewards economy, it is vital the community has access to the most current Sesameseed information that is specific to each blockchain.

Sesameseed’s SEED Minting and Distribution System and the companion SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet require the user to input blockchain-specific information, which is available for reference in the knowledge base. To access this blockchain-specific information, open the Sesameseed rewards policy landing page. This page contains links to each represented blockchain’s specific information page, or the possibility to view the major policies for all represented blockchains at once. Blockchain-specific pages will provide information such as:

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