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Poppy — Devlog #4

On January 16th, 2019 Poppy made its debut at a pop-up event at Red Door Coffee in San Francisco, California. The event was held down the street from the niTROn Summit. Over three hundred customers showed up for the two day event. Many of Sesameseed and TRON community members engaged with Poppy using the point of sale system to make purchases. Poppy processed transactions using the Clover POS hardware with the cafe’s employees operating the register. It took less than 5 minutes of training for them to master the use of Poppy. The response from everyone was overwhelmingly positive.

During the two-day event Poppy demonstrated its integration with Clover POS, how it could easily integrate with TRON apps like TronWallet, and how it could accelerate the adoption of the Blockchain. Customers of the cafe who had never heard of TRON or the Blockchain walked in and effortlessly made purchases using GRID and Poppy. With a swipe of their newly acquired GRID cards they became instant believers of the power of the Blockchain.


At the pop-up event Poppy announced its partnership with TronWallet. This partnership allows Poppy to work seamlessly using TronWallet’s QR code technology. A custom update to TronWallet that was pushed to all subscribers during the pop-up event enabled customers to make purchases using Poppy directly from TronWallet by simply scanning the QR code from the POS terminal.

Fred from the TronWallet team was the first to make a purchase with Poppy using TronWallet from his phone.

The Poppy team attended the niTROn Summit and handed out GRID cards to hundreds of attendees that attended the keynote speech given by Juliun Brabon, CEO of Sesameseed. These new cardholders walked just a few blocks from the Summit venue to the Poppy popup and purchased coffee, snacks, and beer using TRX held on the cards, courtesy of GRID and Poppy. Some of the notable attendees at the popup were: Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, Tim Byun, CEO of OKCoin, Sanja Kon, VP of Global Partnerships at uTrust, Robin O’Connell Chief Revenue Officer at Uphold, and Marcus Zhao, Head of TRON public chain division.

Rachel Wolfson host of the TheCryptoChick on Bad Crypto podcast and contributor to Forbes Crypto also attended the event and later shared her experience of purchasing an avocado toast using GRID and Poppy on her podcast.

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, purchased a hot chocolate using GRID and Poppy when he stopped by the popup.

Troncard also made a limited amount of GRID cards available for pre-sale, which community members quickly snapped up and used them to make purchases using Poppy. GRID cardholders processed transactions in a familiar way, either by swiping the magnetic strip, or scanning the QR code. Poppy users also became Poppy holders, as each purchase earns 1% of the purchase back in the form of the Poppy token as described in the Poppy Rewards for Users section of the token economics article.


Poppy customers witnessed incredible transaction speeds when using Poppy. Within seconds customers were able to complete purchases on the TRON Blockchain using Poppy. Below is a sample of the transaction speed using a GRID card, no cuts or tricks, just a live transaction.


The debut event was a tremendous success as it showcased Poppy and introduced the dynamic nature of the Blockchain payment processor. For the first time on the TRON Network, TRX holders were able to make real world purchases using a point of sale system.

Development Update

Update #1

Poppy integration on Clover POS is in its final stages of development. On January, Poppy launched the private beta at its pop-up debut in San Francisco. The Poppy team has been improving the functionality since. The application has now been submitted to Clover for approval to list Poppy in the Clover App Market. The application process can be lengthy, but once approved, it will be at the discretion of the Poppy team to set a public release date.

Update #2

Poppy is developing a web integration app (web applet). The web applet will be integrated with the popular WooCommerce plugin, and will make Poppy accessible to thousands of online merchants at the click of a button. Merchants will be able to accept TRX and other TRON tokens simply by installing the Poppy web applet in their shop. This product is in the early stages of development and no dates have been announced for its launch. We will provide development updates through our social media channels and Devlogs, Stay tuned for more information!

Update #3

Troncard is no longer strictly pursuing metal cards for Troncard cards. Initially Troncard proposed issuing premium metal cards; however, due to manufacturing difficulties that include issues with print quality, initial order size, and pricing, it is no longer a viable first option.

Troncard is now working with a new card manufacturer to produce premium quality plastic cards. We have submitted updated designs and are awaiting proofs and final pricing. Once these items are complete, Troncard will make a formal announcement with card distribution details for beta program participants to receive their cards.

Update #4

The Poppy 1% Loyalty reward will be exclusive to Troncard and GRID card holders. Transactions on Poppy using any other TRON wallet will not be eligible for the cashback rewards and the fees will be circulated back to the Poppy ecosystem according to its distribution model.

Our priorities for the next few weeks will be finalizing development of Poppy on Clover, developing the Market Maker, and delivering the Troncard to beta users. Please stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

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