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SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet Instructions

SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet Instruction

Key Points

  • Sesameseed introduces the SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet (download)
  • Provides complete transparency for the process of minting and distributing SEED daily.
  • Community members can also model what adding new blockchains of their choice to the SEED rewards economy might look like, based on their own assumptions, and how those assumptions might impact the redeem value of SEED in the future.
  • The worksheet comes in two versions, both available in the same download link as an .xlsx file, which is compatible with any program that can handle that file type. Common programs to view .xlsx files are Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers.
  • The Basic version is a simplified reference for a general understanding of the major steps involved in minting and distributing daily SEED rewards.
  • The Advanced version shows every step of the minting and distribution process. It also allows user input which can be used to model user-directed potential scenarios for adding up to 10 total blockchains in the SEED rewards economy.

Use of the SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet

As a companion piece to the article on the SEED Minting and Distribution System, the SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet (download) is designed to aid in understanding how Sesameseed mints and distributes SEED to all represented blockchains for daily rewards. It can also be used to create hypothetical projections of how daily rewards might change and influence the growth of SEED’s redeem value based on information provided by the user. This can help the community understand how the SEED rewards economy might look once additional blockchains are added.

It is important to note the SEED Minting and Distribution System is a complex model. Changing one input even slightly can generate a completely different outcome. In order to independently verify rewards from a specific day using this worksheet, all data supplied by the user must have been captured at exactly the same block or time as Sesameseed. Slight variations in time could affect market price data, and blockchain snapshots at a different block height could result in a different final outcome.

Calculators on the Sesameseed website, Telegram channel, or Sprout rely on recent historical distribution data and only provide estimates for future daily rewards. The worksheet outlined below is an educational tool which allows for estimated speculative projections, based on hypothetical user input, and should never be taken as an assurance of any outcome.

A brief reminder — the five steps of the SEED Minting and Distribution System are as follows:

Step 1 — Native Token Split
Step 2 — Sesameseed Subsidy
Step 3 — SEED Minting
Step 4 — Blockchain SEED Split
Step 5 — SEED Distribution

In order to determine precisely how much SEED gets minted and distributed on a given day, three different sets of data inputs are required for completing the five steps of the process. Filling in this data will calculate the amount of SEED that would be minted in that hypothetical situation day and the amount that would be distributed to each blockchain.

These data inputs are color coded on the worksheet to make them easier to find.

  • Blockchain Data (Blue)

— Total rewards earned by SEED node

— Market price of native token(s)

  • Redeem Value Data (Green)

Redeem value of native tokens

  • SEED Data (Yellow)

— Total circulating supply of SEED

Community-held SEED

There are references or links listed in the worksheet to assist in finding this data for each of the currently represented blockchains.

Different Versions of the Worksheet

The worksheet is currently provided in 2 versions in order to fit the needs of different community members. Each version has advantages for certain use types.

Basic Version

This version is for the user who is curious about how Sesameseed calculates the amount of SEED to be minted and distributed daily to the community using an example with TRON, Ontology, and Harmony. There is the ability to add one hypothetical additional blockchain to the SEED rewards economy in this version, but most data fields will be restricted and/or hidden. Thus, it has limited functionality to project future hypothetical scenarios that will impact daily rewards distribution or the SEED redeem value.


Download a copy of the Worksheet using this link. It is an .xlsx file, which is compatible with Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers.

1. Select the Basic worksheet using the tab at the bottom.

2. Any cell in the worksheet colored in light red can be changed by the user. In order to experiment with different rewards scenarios, add or change the data contained in any light red cell. The worksheet will recalculate and provide revised data based on the user’s input.

A glossary of terms used in the worksheet can be found on Sesameseed’s Documents page, or accessed directly from the worksheet by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Advanced Version

Users should have a complete understanding of the Basic version and all relevant terms prior to using the Advanced version. A glossary of terms can be found in Sesameseed’s Documents page.

Users can change any setting or calculation in the SEED Minting and Distribution System as well as run more advanced hypothetical scenarios. This would allow modeling of changes to the Native Token Split, SEED Rewards Bonus, SEED split, and other variables for up to a total of 10 blockchains (advanced users can customize and add more).

Since the worksheet is downloaded to the user’s device, various scenarios can then be saved and easily compared or shared with others.

Information Sources

Some of the information required for user input is not currently available in an easily accessible manner by the public. Over the coming weeks, Sesameseed will be working to provide resources to easily obtain this information. The best available sources for a given piece of information will be linked in the worksheet under Resources (Column G). This will be updated as new information sources become available.

Disclaimer: This article should not be interpreted as investment advice or a guarantee of any return. Sesameseed is an innovator in the blockchain staking space. Blockchain technology, blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, and other related technologies continue to evolve over time. Sesameseed reserves the right to adapt any policy, business practice, or rewards structure in the future to address changing conditions. Notice of any change of this type will be given to the community by distribution on Sesameseed’s standard communications channels.

The SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet makes assumptions, requires user input data, and should not be taken as a guarantee or assurance of any future policy, market condition, or result. The SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet requires user speculation on potential data points. Any results obtained using this worksheet should be considered hypothetical and purely for entertainment purposes.

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