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Sesameseed is Appointed as Designated Council Representative for Unifi Protocol

Unifi recognizes the Sesameseed community for their contribution

The Unifi Protocol was developed by Sesameseed and has since gained popularity as the underlying protocol for uTrade, the multi-chain trading platform with a sustainable and rewarding token economy. uTrade is currently operational on multiple blockchains, including Sesameseed’s represented blockchains as well as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Under the Global Governance Model (GGM), powered by the UNFI token, Unifi Protocol will be governed by the Unifi Council of Representatives. The Council is composed of Community Council Representatives (CCRs) and Designated Council Representatives (DCRs). CRs play a very important role in maintaining the health of the Unifi ecosystem, and are rewarded UNFI for participating in governance and ensuring the success of the Protocol.

Sesameseed is honored to be appointed as the first DCR in the Unifi GGM. A Designated CR position is reserved for those with the most knowledge about Unifi and adds the most value to the Protocol. This DCR appointment ensures the Sesameseed community will have a voice in the governance of the Protocol it helped develop.

DCR rewards have not been established by Unifi, so no reward has been agreed upon for Sesameseed’s service as a DCR.

Additional UNFI

Unifi has also announced that Sesameseed will be receiving some UNFI tokens for its contribution to the development of Unifi. More information will be released about what Sesameseed will do with this UNFI in coming days.

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