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Sesameseed sets the next stage for Sprout — AMA Recap Part 2

Sprout by Sesameseed AMA Recap Part 2

Let’s talk about some of the long awaited Sprout features. How will SEED redeem work?

Another feature available on Sprout is crosschain swap with SEED. Why is this needed?

Let’s talk about the roadmap of Sprout. It has gone from alpha and now into public beta. Can you talk about what has been accomplished in that testing?

What is the biggest takeaway from the private beta?

Anything else we want to share about private beta testing?

Moving forward, what is next for Sprout?

Using Sprout right now is probably the easiest way to create a wallet. No need to download anything. Simply browse to it and create a mnemonic or private key wallet.

What are some of the things that Sprout can deliver day one on Harmony that perhaps other wallets cannot?

What should the community expect during the public beta journey?



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