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Sprout DevLog #2

Since the last Sprout DevLog, Sesameseed has continued making steady progress developing Sprout and has delivered on many of the milestones from its roadmap. As of March 26th, Sprout has integrated the Harmony $ONE blockchain.

To sign up to the Sprout Private Beta, click here and contribute to win the weekly 500 SEED Bug Bounty.


Current key Harmony features

  • All mnemonic accounts now support Harmony $ONE addresses
  • Importing/creating individual Harmony wallets is now available
  • Harmony $ONE testnet token is supported (sending and receiving is available on Shard 0 only)

Pending features

  • Shard selector for sending and receiving $ONE
  • Harmony $ONE staking support
  • Harmony SEED support

Wallet Creation

Sprout users now have the option to import or create a single blockchain wallet with a private key or create a multichain mnemonic wallet. Making a wallet is simple. With just a few clicks, users can create wallets on TRON, Ontology and Harmony — and own their private keys.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to create a wallet with Sprout:

Twitter video showing how to make a Harmony wallet on Sprout


Swapping SEED across multiple blockchains is live. For over a week now, the private beta group has been successfully testing the swap feature in Sprout, swapping SEED on TRON and Ontology blockchains.

To prevent spamming of the service, a fee structure has been set for swapping SEED. The fee is currently set to .5% of the total swap, or a minimum of 1 SEED, plus applicable network fees.

For example:

  • Swapping 10 SEED will cost 1 SEED in service fee, plus applicable network fees.
  • Swapping 1000 SEED will cost 5 SEED in service fee, plus applicable network fees.

What’s Next?

The Sprout development team has been continuously adding new features, testing and fixing bugs over the past several weeks of private beta. Throughout it all, less than 60 bugs have been reported by beta testers, none of which were critical to the security and functionality of the wallet.

In the coming days, Sesameseed will begin preparing for the launch of Sprout in public beta. This will open Sprout to a much larger group of beta testers, and will help finalize the testing of the app before it is launched out of beta with support for sending and receiving tokens and staking on TRON, Ontology and Harmony.


For more information on the Sprout beta roadmap, please see the graphic below. More details will be provided about public beta before launching the initiative.

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