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TRON SR Proposal #2 — Remove the Power of the GR

What are GR and what are the effects of removing them?

There are 27 GR currently operating on the TRON Network

Dear Sesameseed Community,

Last week, a proposal to remove the power of the GR’s was presented for all SR’s to vote upon. This proposal did not receive sufficient votes to become activated, achieving 16 of the required 19 “Yes” votes. Sesameseed was one of those that chose to abstain from voting. The reason for this is a simple lack of information regarding the potential consequences of removing GR’s.

What are the GR?

The GR (genesis representatives) are the originating SR (super representatives) on the TRON Network. These GR existed to produce the genesis block and kick off the network.

The GR possess 100,000,000 Tron Power each (2,700,000,000 Tron power in total). Since the Launch of the network, this 2.7 Billion Tron power is ineligible for candidate rewards, but has effectively diluted all other votes on the network.

The effect of this 100,000,000 TRON Power is two fold:

It requires SR to obtain this amount of votes as a minimum to overcome the “barrier” that is the GR today.

The existence of this TRON power reduces candidate rewards for all SR’s today, by a significant margin.

This proposal, the removal of the GR is a permanent action, which cannot be reversed once approved, this is hard coded into the proposal itself. The benefits are clearly presented, an increase in rewards to all candidates. The only concern is that this is an irreversible decision with some unknown potential repercussions.

SR Proposals

SR proposals are already established, hard coded into the network itself. They cannot be modified unless they contain variables that specifically allow modification.

We (Sesameseed) are considering the following questions today:

  1. What will the impact be to total frozen TRX? Does lowering the barrier of required votes mean, that SR’s are likely to lose more votes in the event of a volatile market?
  2. In a volatile market would a lack of a 100,000,000 TRX barrier discourage SR’s from freezing as much TRX themselves?
  3. What benefits does this proposal offer that are not offered by other proposals?
  4. Increasing the candidate rewards is an available proposal on its own, If the above concerns are founded and the singular benefit is to increase candidate rewards, why not vote on that proposal instead?
  5. This proposal is irreversible as currently established amongst SR proposals, do these concerns warrant enough pause to abstain from voting on this proposal at this time?

Much of the above questions are speculative, and may not constitute a valid argument against this proposal. The only valid reason not to approve this measure is simply that is irreversible.

If any of these concerns are valid, and there truly is no argument in favor of passing this proposal beyond increasing the candidate rewards, then increasing candidate rewards should be investigated as a viable alternative to this vote before proceeding.

During the voting round the final week of October, Sesameseed determined it was our responsibility to have a more robust dialogue about these potential concerns prior to casting a vote.

At this time, we believe that there is little risk with this proposal. We have considered the possible scenarios that result from the GR being removed. We believe the additional candidate rewards will better support both SR’s and candidates on the network and may encourage additional competition amongst SR’s

This item has now been proposed again. Sesameseed will not be committing to vote one way or another on this proposal until some additional feedback from the community and our fellow SR’s has been had. We will continue to evaluate and inform the community of our intent prior to casting a vote.

In vote for the removal of GR’s

It is clear that the removal of the GR will increase candidate rewards for all SR’s and Candidates. In addition the removal of the GR is a natural step in progressing towards a truly decentralized TRON Network.

Removing the “Safety Net” that is the GR, firmly moves TRON into the next phase as a truly decentralized network.

Please feel free to comment here or on any of our social media channels the opinions and suggestions you may have about this matter or the process involved.

We take our representation of you, our community very seriously. Although this vote will surely benefit Sesameseed we feel an obligation to you our voters to gather as much information and provide the most informed response possible.

Thank you,

Juliun and the Sesameseed Team






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