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Beta program is now open

Oct 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Sesameseed proudly presents the Troncard beta program; now available to SEEDGerminator contributors.

Addresses contributing to the Poppy project on SEEDGerminator will receive 5 Poppy tokens per SEED, and 1 Poppy token per TRX contributed. Addresses receiving 10,000 Poppy tokens or more upon reaching HardCap will automatically be enrolled in Troncard beta program.

Members of Troncard Beta will be the first of the community to receive the fully functional Troncard, complimentary. These members will be able to utilize Troncard at available Poppy retailers and across any number of integrated TRON wallets, and be invited to engage with the Poppy and Troncard teams to ensure a rigorously tested Beta program.

TronCard is a fully-featured TRON wallet hosting a number of security features to prevent tampering, including NFC and QR options to transfer TRX. Interfacing with Poppy and other popular TRON wallets while including these powerful features makes TronCard a truly versatile TRX payment method.

From its inception, TronCard was designed as an open payment platform that works with as many applications and wallets in the TRON ecosystem as possible. A real world beta will allow the community to get involved in the development of this system to help create the most versatile payment method possible.

Anonymity is key!

We strive to maintain the security and anonymity of Troncard members, so addresses that receive 10,000 or more Poppy tokens will also be given instructions detailing how to procure the individual card through a third party distributor with their initial Poppy distribution.

To learn more and stay up to date on Poppy and TronCard read our whitepaper and our latest article on Poppy, and connect with us using the links below.

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