TronWatch.Market (TWM) Utility Value

TronWatch.Market will be the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the TRON network. As with any company, we charge a modest fee in order to fund ongoing operations. The TWM token will be used several ways as described below, creating demand for TWM which will increase as TronWatch.Market and the TRON network become more popular.

In addition to burning any TWM tokens not sold during the token sale, 50% of the fees collected for discounts and listing will be burned. Burning permanently removes TWM tokens from the total supply available, so as our DEX becomes more widely adopted the circulating support for TWM tokens will continually decrease.

Discount on Future Trading Fees

Users may purchase a discount on trading fees. They acquire TWM tokens (on our exchange or others) and then send those tokens to a smart contract to unlock a lifetime discount on their account.

50% of the purchase cost is burned, reducing the total TWM circulating supply.

Trading fees can add up. Any active user of our exchange, including whales, day traders, arbitrage traders, and others will want this discount. Free trading may sound too good to be true, but the way we see it, the more people actively using our exchange, the more other people will want to start using it. We believe there will be significant demand for free trading, which both creates a demand for TWM and continuously burns TWM tokens, reducing the circulating supply.

Trading Fees Paid with TWM

We’ll be creating a not-for-profit contract anyone can use to buy and sell TWM tokens. This contract will automatically adjust price based on the current supply and demand. Our DEX will use this contract to exchange all trading fees collected in TRX for TWM tokens at the time trades are placed.

The value of this approach is that it drives volume for the TWM token. The TronWatch team and its affiliates will receive much of their compensation in TWM, and will need to trade that in the future. Arbitrage traders will purchase TWM (from our exchange or others) to sell back to the contract in order to keep the price stable.

Listing Fees

Every token on the TRON network may be traded on our DEX. There is no whitelist or approval required — it just works. In fact, we could not block a token from being traded, as we will be using decentralized and immutable smart contracts. However, there will be too many to show a list of every option for users to choose from. To address this, we charge a listing fee, paid in TWM tokens.

Listing a token costs 150,000 TWM. 50% of the listing fee is burned, reducing the total TWM circulating supply.

Token creators, including ICOs and Dapps, will want their tokens listed to help ensure adequate liquidity is available. This also creates demand for the TWM token and continuously burns TWM tokens, reducing the circulating supply.

Stake TWM to Feature a Token

Our DEX will feature a few tokens on our DEX. This gives those tokens a prominent position so users take notice, perhaps visit the website for more information, and then consider a trade. Anyone can stake their TWM tokens to place a vote for which token should be featured. Staking does not cost users anything; it simply freezes the tokens until the user requests the tokens be returned. The token with the most votes ATM will have 0 trading fees for all users.

We believe this may be an attractive option for recent ICOs and token holders looking to get their name out there to grow their community, helping them build up liquidity so that future traders feel more comfortable considering their token. This gives groups reason to acquire TWM tokens and will temporarily take them out of circulation.

Visit our website for more information, and join Telegram if you have any questions.

Our Team
TronWatch is formed by a dynamic team of experienced developers from all around the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

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