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Update on Sesameseed’s Node on Harmony

Sesameseed places priority on the health and stability of the network

Sesameseed prides itself on supporting the blockchains where it operates nodes. On Harmony, this means supporting multiple shards and providing SEED as a staking reward.

Running a node on all 4 shards carries with it a significant burden, as one of these shards is often under tremendous network usage which incurs great bandwidth cost. We could minimize that burden and reduce downtime by excluding certain shards from our node. However, that would mean operating in a manner that does not prioritize the health and stability of the Harmony blockchain. This goes against Sesameseed’s community core values.

Unlike other validators, Sesameseed is a node operator on multiple blockchains and rewards in SEED. The distribution model of SEED accounts for stakers across all those blockchains. For this reason, the management of Sesameseed’s node utilizes a custom solution which cannot be automated. Every time Harmony has an update — which is often — it means Sesameseed must update all servers as well. Updating the nodes can result in being unelected for an epoch.

Moving Forward

The task of SEED Node maintenance along with other challenges were referred to in our previous article, discussing the future of SEED. Click HERE to read it.

It became clear very quickly that building the new systems, partnerships, and technology to advance SEED could not be accomplished efficiently without change.

Sesameseed is currently considering multiple opportunities for organizational growth. These opportunities will result in the advancement of the Sesameseed community into a new future with a new vision for growth. Please make sure to follow any of our social media channels listed below to stay up-to-date on announcements.

Learn more about Sesameseed on our website. Connect with us on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and Medium.



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