Around my block, Myrtle Ave.

I just arrived in the USA two weeks ago. I didn’t know that much, but there were many things that impressed me. I live in an apartment in Willoughby avenue(between Broadway and Bushwick avenue), Brooklyn, USA.

USA is new amazing experience. The day I arrived at JFK airport, I came with the blizzard. The plane could not land for about an hour because of the snow problem. That was my first windy freezing snow. Everywhere was covered by thick white snow. I had to stand in front of the airport to catch a cab. I got the seventh cab to go to my place. Even though, the experience was terrible for me, I was surprised about the heavy frozen snow.

Around my block is a nice quiet place to live. But you have to read what my friends(in the same apartment) told me. Two years ago, it used to be a terrible frightened place. There were a lot of gangsters and crimes. In addition, two weeks ago, two cops were shot to death by gangsters who wanted revenge for their friend. Wow!! I chose the right place.

lovely warm smoke come up from manhole

From my positive point of view, I love this area because I sometimes still hear little birds’ songs in some fresh cold mornings and the charming beautiful grey smoke comes up from manholes. Moreover, I also love to walk along the frozen slippery street, because it’s funny. I have to watch my step, and I feel amusing while I step on the little white salt that use to melt snow. On the other hand, I don’t like the bad smell of street. There were many smells such as urine, trash and homeless people. Once, I had a really bed experience. I crashed into a homeless person and his smell sticked with my clothes. Actually, I don’t hate them but I don’t like the smell.

The neighborhood is called Bushwick. It has a very old and interesting history.

In late 90's, Dr. Frederick A. Cook who was the first American to climb Alaska’s Mount Mckinley and the first explorer to reach the North Pole lived in Bushwick. And this is his words.

“Few men in all history … have ever been made to suffer so bitterly and so inexpressibly as I because of the assertion of my achievement.”

Dr. Frederick’s house

Please feel free to let me know, if you have any suggestions about Bushwick or Willoughby avenue for a newbie like me.

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