Brooklyn Heights — A Brooklyn Village

Brooklyn Heights is a beautiful neighborhood located in the New York city borough of Brooklyn. This wonderful place has magnificent architecture, and its classical building style makes it one of the most beautiful place I have been to in New York city.

My favorite block in Brooklyn Heights is the one located between Columbia Heights and Clark street. I really liked the buildings and almost every house has a basement and we don’t have them in Brazil. The brick houses are one of the most unique and amazing things I have seen there.

In Brooklyn Heights you can see Lower Manhattan from the promenade. It is a wonderful view and a beautiful place where you can take pictures worthy of a postcard. The first time I was there, I could not believe my eyes. The view made me go crazy. There is no way to describe the felling of being there looking at the buildings located in Lower Manhattan. By the way, One World Trade Center is a huge and beautiful building viewable from the Brooklyn Heights promenade.

If somebody asks me the place they should go while visting New York City, only one, I would say the Brooklyn Heights promenade. You will never forget the view. And there is another thing, if you have already watched the movie “Alfie — the seductor”, you can realize that in the end of the movie the main actor (Jude Law) is on the Pier 2 located in Brooklyn Heights reflecting on life.

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