How can we make a better decision of “Death Penalty.”?

There are two people who wait to watch a hockey game in front of a bar. One person, Newt, wears a big, floppy, black sweater, and drinks a beer. Another person, Dwayne, reads a newspaper, especially the business section. Suddenly, breaking news comes on the TV to announce the government is going to implement a “Death Penalty in New York.” All of a sudden, they get very serious and they ignore the game and start to talk about the death penalty.

A: “Seriously? It’s ridiculous! Can you believe it?” Newt bellowed.

B: “Um… I think it’s the right way to protect the nation. Why are you so upset? I know what you think of that but… the government is making a big decision to protect us from criminals. They killed and threatened lots of people, even children,” Dwayne commented causally.

A: “What? Do you think they kill the criminals for us? Humans can’t judge humans. It is not different than a M-U-R-D-E-R. They try to kill the people under the guise of law,” she exclaimed harshly.

B: “Yes, but those reasons are not enough to keep all criminals in jail for their whole life,” he answered adamantly.

A: “Sorry?.. We are humans. We can make mistakes sometimes. How can they fix it when they already killed an innocent person?” she objected sarcastically.

B: “Oh… it’s not true, it does not happen,” he explained meekly.

A: “No, we have to give them a second chance to regret their mistakes themselves. They are sick, it’s a kind of disease,” she asserted sadly.

B: “I agree with you but we already know that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” he noted softly.

A: …

B: “Newt, the government doesn't have enough tax money to keep criminals. It costs more than $39 billion a year. We can help other people who really want help. For example, orphans, starving people, the homeless, and someone who needs a cure,” he responded tenderly.

A: “Yes, I know Dwayne. I mean we have an alternative solution like life sentences. It could be hard but if we don’t give up, we can find a better idea than we have now,” she announced thoughtfully.

C: “Excuse me, guys! I don’t want to interrupt but you look so serious. I think that it is quite a hard question. Nobody can make a decision easily because it is a controversial topic. And time is up!! Let’s go to watch the game! We are losing now. YOLO!” the bartender blurted energetically.

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