A place to falling in LOVE

My favorite block in New York City is 55th St between 6th and 7th Ave. I think this place has a big importance for me. My boyfriend came to the USA 5 months before me, and I missed him so much in Brazil. The first time we met was on this block, so I think that is why I love it so much.

This block has one of the most famous sculpture in NYC: an iconic Pop Art image by the American artist Robert Indiana. This sculpture has a beautiful story. In 1970, Robert Indiana suggested to put this sculpture on block in NYC to show that love can end wars. During this period, the USA was living in the Cold War. The sculpture didn't helped so much, but was a place to stay in the story.

Philadelphia has a beautiful public space named “Love Park” and it is one of the most romantic parks that I ever see.

Love park in Philadelphia.

is block Besides this beautiful sculpture, this block has many restaurants and great hotels. I thinkit is a perfect place to stay when you travel to visit NY, because it is near Times Square but isn’t a crowd place. And this block still has the MOMA a few steps.

The place is amazing, with high buildings, some stores and many options to eat. During my first time visiting this block, I was very hungry and very cold, but I still feel in love with the place. I think everyone should visit this block when they come to NYC. You really feel the energy in this wonderful cosmopolitan city.

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