New York City : St. Marks Place

This is a my favorite street in New York City. This is a street where I usually find a restaurant for dinner, and many bars for hanging out with my friends. This street has a interesting history and many famous people used to live here. For example, Andy Warhol and Jimi Hendrix staied there. Now St. Marks Place is popular for everyone in NYC and NYU, many good restaurants, cool comic store, many Hipsters, beautiful and nice building.

St. Mark’s Place is considered a main cultural street in the East Village, because you can see a lot of art or graffiti on this road. Punk music born on St Marks, in the 1970’s it was the heart of New York’s punk rock scene. In the video for The Rolling Stones’s “Waiting on a Friend”, Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh are seen sitting on the stoop of 96–98 St. Marks Place; Jagger later mentions 8th Street. Jimi Hendrix performed at now-gone experimental nightclub Electric Circus, before it closed in 1971; and gallery 51X backed eighties-era graffiti artists like Keith Haring and Basquiat

This street between E 7 st, E 9 st and Cooper St to Tompkins Square Park.

You can take 6 train and get of at Astor Place station. In the day, you can find popular places. For example, Gem Spa the place where sells egg cream. St Mark Comics the store sells many comics around the world (including Japanese comics). Rockit Scientist the place that sells CD records of any kind of music, pop, rock, psych, prog, soul, jazz, Brazilian, punk or whatever that you want. Taisho, the Japanese restaurant with Japan beers and foods.

The atmosphere changes block by block on St Mark Place. You can find many hipsters on the street, many students from college and many people who want a good time. And also you can smell pizza and Japanese food.

At night time, a lot of nice bars and cool restaurant that you can find and hanging out. And don’t worry about how can you go back home when you get a little drunk, because subway station is near the street.

Finally, if you have no plans on Friday night, let’s go there and randomly for some bar, or you find some restaurant and have lunch with you special person. St Marks is a better idea. You can feel like walking on the street that has graffiti, deep into underground culture from the past. I promise you’ll have a good time.

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