New International Partnership between Learn Today and Sessions

Adriana Vîrlan
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2 min readOct 26, 2022


Learn Today Co., Ltd., is producing content using digital transformation consulting and education for companies and educational institutions, and metaverse.

Recently, they took charge of the metaverse of Interspeech2022, the world’s largest speech conference held in Incheon, Korea, and successfully held it at the Metaverse Spot.

Learn Today CEO Joo and Banghyun said, “I was happy to sign an MOU with Sessions, a next-generation video conferencing platform, and I believe there is sufficient demand in Korea. I will do my best,” he said.

Sessions announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Learn Today, a Korean digital content company, and has already begun targeting the Korean and Asian corporate video conferencing market.

Sessions is a Bucharest-based communication and collaboration platform for customer-focused teams. It was founded in 2020, on the verge of a swift transition in the work environment that migrated towards remote and hybrid.

The startup raised an impressive $4.5 million seed round from Earlybird Digital East Fund, London-based Stride.VC, and Sofia-based LAUNCHub Ventures. Other than that, Sessions has won Product Hunt’s 2021 Golden Kitty Awards as Product of the Year in the Work from Anywhere category. The platform helped 2,000 marketing, sales, and customer success teams to level up their video conferencing game.

If you want to discover more about Sessions, feel free to book a short intro call with me.