The secret ingredient of successful sessions: the Agenda

Adriana Vîrlan
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2 min readMar 22, 2022


Without an agenda, meetings can run off the rails. Agendas take time to prepare but save time for all participants by defining the topics, objectives, and time frames of a session. It also shows attendees that their time matters to you.

Online, offline, and hybrid meetings are more likely to be successful when an agenda is used.

Here are five reasons why agendas make each type of meeting more productive:

  1. It helps potential attendees decide whether they need to attend — when one has several meetings each day, sometimes guests might decide not to join. So it’s important to know if they are involved in a topic in that meeting or not
  2. It helps attendees to prepare for the meeting — a time saver scenario in which a speaker presents what he/she has prepared and everyone knows what to expect; one no longer has to worry about wasting anyone’s time
  3. Reduces wasted time and resources — agendas keep meetings focused, ensuring the topics are relevant and the meeting doesn’t drag on
  4. Keeping everything on track — losing focus is easy, but with a clear agenda everyone knows how much time they should spend on specific topics in that session
  5. Ensures the main topics of the meeting are covered — and there is no need for a second meeting

Sessions is a full-featured meeting management tool for your business and team which gives you the power to have flawless meetings, with or without an agenda (but we kindly recommend you to have one).

Sessions integrates the most used tools (Google Stack, Canva, Miro, Figma, YouTube) for building agendas. In addition to keeping people on schedule, Sessions has a built-in tool that allows you to write down the meeting’s notes as you go, and everyone receives them at the end, automatically.

Here are a few more tips in order to make your next session really stand out:

  • be open to revising or adjusting your agenda when necessary. Sessions is the best tool for that, because you have the possibility to change the agenda real-time (before or during a meeting)
  • share your agenda before the meeting, not only to have the attendees come more prepared but also to have them suggest possible topics. By using Sessions, this step will be done automatically when you set the session in Calendar.
  • change the order of your agenda based on your attendees feedback. This will help you communicate more effectively and decrease interruptions.

Summing up, we can say that agendas are highly important factors in enabling people to prepare for meetings and to reach out the outcomes.

Sessions Agenda has been rebuilt from the ground up, making it more flexible, adaptable and customizable than ever.

It’s worth a try!