From An Integration To An Official Intercom Partner

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2 min readApr 30, 2020


We launched our app integration with Intercom at the end of July 2019 with the only purpose to help our customers provide the real-time support their users have been waiting for. In addition, to live chat’s convenience and easy access, SessionStack enhances the support experience by providing the tools to our customers to understand the reason behind every user request right away. No questions, nor screenshots asked.

Thanks to SessionStack our customers are not only viewing the user’s screen right from Intercom’s chat but also resolving the problem during the live chat session. They easily navigate users by highlighting or drawing on their screens or when needed to take full control — clicking, scrolling, or writing for them.

By using SessionStack and Intercom together our customers managed to speed up support, cut the back-and-forth, and increase customer satisfaction levels.

In the past few months since we released our integration, we’ve walked a long way. Apart from the many delighted customers and improved CSAT scores, we managed to strengthen our relationship with Intercom and work together on providing the tools for delivering exceptional real-time customer support.

From just an app integration, today we’re excited to announce that we’re an official launch partner for Intercom’s new App Partner Program 🎉 Our partnership enables us to look for new ways to collaborate with Intercom to give you a seamless experience. Together with Intercom, we strive to bring real-time personal support to the next level, making it quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Learn more about our app and the program.