Announcing De.Fi

An Open Community of Decentralized Finance Platforms

Inje Yeo
Inje Yeo
Aug 30, 2018 · 2 min read
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In 2018, we’ve seen the rise of many companies like Set, who are building decentralized financial platforms catering to developers. As we’ve gotten to know each other, it’s become increasingly clear that our communities overlap substantially and would benefit from a shared space they can go to ask questions about the broader decentralized financial industry that’s emerging.

So we’ve created De.Fi, an community of Decentralized Finance platforms.

De.Fi is an open community of projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. The project is building on a decentralized blockchain
  2. The project is in the finance industry
  3. The project’s code is open source
  4. The project includes a robust developer platform

Based on these criteria, we’re launching De.Fi with the following members: 0x, Dharma, Set, Abacus, and WalletConnect.

We have big aspirations for what De.Fi will be in the future. To start, we’ve created a subreddit (r/defi) and a Telegram group ( where community members can go to share articles, insights, and thoughts relevant to any of the protocols. We encourage thoughtful discussion of technology and #buidling.

In upcoming weeks we’ll be hosting in-person and livestreamed workshops featuring De.Fi projects, particularly focusing on how open standards and interoperability are huge value drivers for our industry.

Stay tuned!

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