Announcing TokenSets Public Beta

Bundle your ERC20 tokens into Sets today

Felix Feng
May 29, 2018 · 3 min read


  • TokenSets Beta is launching on MainNet!
  • Introducing our first Sets: EthereumX, StableSet, and DEXSet
  • Bundle and unbundle Sets on TokenSets
  • Expect much more to come in regards to TokenSets and our protocol in the coming months

Announcing TokenSets

At Set Protocol, we believe that everything will be tokenized, whether it’s securities, digital assets, or real world assets. As these tokens proliferate and their underlying protocols mature, we aim to empower users to compose tokens in meaningful and interesting ways.

Thus, today we are excited to share TokenSets Beta with the public on MainNet!

To reach this point we’ve made significant updates to the Set Protocol contracts, undergone a smart contract audit, as well as performed extensive internal testing. We’re excited about the work our designers and developers have put in to make TokenSets a delight to use.

Our Sets

As part of the TokenSets launch, we’re excited to announce our launch Sets:

  • EthereumX: The top 10 ERC-20 compliant tokens with threshold valuations, liquidity, and security features
  • StableSet: A USD-pegged composite stablecoin that distributes volatility and increases fault tolerance through an equal weighting of Centralized IOU Issuance and Collateral Backed model coins
  • Decentralized Exchange Set (DEXSet): A thematic Set made of the major decentralized exchange protocol tokens, celebrating one of the most innovative areas in the Ethereum ecosystem

This is just the beginning. Look forward to us adding additional Sets and enabling functionality that allows any user to design and create their own Set.

What You Can Do

With this release, you can:

  • Bundle your tokens. Using our bundle flow, you’ll be able to compose a Set with your components.
  • Unbundle your Set. Using our unbundle flow, you’ll be able to unpack your Set into its components.
  • Buy or Sell. Trade your Set on RadarRelay or inquire how you could get one from us (U.S. accredited investors only).

What’s to Come

While we’re excited to introduce ourselves to the world through TokenSets Beta, this is just the beginning. Over the coming months, look forward to us adding additional features on TokenSets and making significant upgrades to Set Protocol.

We want the product to reflect the wants and needs of all users, developers, and creators. Thus, it’s important to us to take all of your feedback into consideration. If you have any thoughts or ideas to help improve our product, please don’t hesitate to chat with us on our Telegram channel or drop us a line at

Start Bundling!

Without further ado, start bundling!

Set Labs

Grow your crypto using automated asset management strategies

Felix Feng

Written by

Founder of Set. Investor @TuringCap. Previously @Radius & B.S. @UCBerkeley

Set Labs

Set Labs

Grow your crypto using automated asset management strategies

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