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Felix Feng
Oct 5, 2018 · 3 min read

The Set Protocol team is excited to be sponsoring ETH San Francisco. At EthBerlin, we were thrilled to see the creation of Bündler, the first Set issuance relayer built by members of the 0x team. Since then, we’ve been hard at work improving setprotocol.js and our documentation.

To help encourage your best work at ETHSF, we will be awarding a total of $3,000 to the three best teams that incorporate Set Protocol in their submissions. Here are a few suggestions on compelling products you can build:

  • An issuance relayer that taps into both 0x Protocol and KyberNetwork liquidity. This helps users know that they’re getting the best price for their Set across the DEX ecosystem, while also providing savvy market takers with arbitrage opportunities.
  • A ShapeShift-style web app built with setprotocol.js for purchasing and selling Sets. Because Sets are themselves discrete tokens, you can exchange them for one another or even build Sets of Sets
  • A rebalancing web app that allows users to explore and participate in Set rebalancing. You can build flows for users to bid in rebalancing dutch auctions and for managers to make rebalance proposals.
  • An arbitrage bot programmed to issue and redeem Sets based on market fluctuations. Much like a robo-advisor does in traditional finance, a rebalancing Set can profit using issuance orders directed by algorithmic trading signals.
  • A Set-issuing dApp that directly interfaces with Ether, not Wrapped Ether (WETH). The introduction of forwarding contracts with 0x v2 makes one-click Set issuance a very real possibility, and speaks to the value of cross-project integration in decentralized finance.
  • A leaderboard website that tracks existing Sets and their financial performance, allowing users to buy into portfolios that align with their investment style. With no need for asset custodianship, Sets can provide this style of decentralized fund management.
  • An integrated multisig contract, oracle feed, or Token Curated Registry that serves as a data source for a rebalancing Set. Having a completely on-chain process for programmatic rebalancing enables truly decentralized fund management
  • An issuance relayer/application that integrates bundling of Augur prediction shares. Users can buy shares of various Augur outcomes that can be tradeable as ERC20 tokens. For example, you can buy shares of all your favorite sports teams winning in one Set.
  • A simple chatbot built on Status that allows counterparties to create, issue or fill Set issuance orders.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re interested in building something using Set, come to our Getting Started with Set Protocol workshop or say hello at our booth at EthSF. We can help you get started in a few minutes. Our dev team will be available the whole weekend to support those working on Set.

If you have any questions, start a conversation with our team any time on Telegram. Also, if you find what we’re doing exciting, we’re hiring. Check out our openings here.


Interested in learning more about Set Protocol? Check out:

Set Labs

Grow your crypto using automated asset management strategies

Felix Feng

Written by

Founder of Set. Investor @TuringCap. Previously @Radius & B.S. @UCBerkeley

Set Labs

Set Labs

Grow your crypto using automated asset management strategies

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