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Introducing Exponential Moving Averages on TokenSets

ETH12EMACO — the first Set to utilize an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) technical indicator — is now live on TokenSets!

  • ETH12EMACO automatically rebalances based on crossovers between the price of ETH and the 12 Day EMA technical indicator.
  • The new EMA meta-oracles (derived from MakerDAO’s ETH medianizer) that power the ETH12EMACO have been externally audited by ABDK and are open-sourced in our Github repo.


12 EMA as a default indicator on Coinbase Pro

What is the difference between ETH12EMACO and ETH20SMACO?

In contrast to the ETH 20 Day Moving Average Crossover Set, the ETH12EMACO rebalances based on an exponential indicator that are more responsive to sudden price fluctuations. This means rebalances are more frequent with the goal of catching short term price spikes and dips.

How is the 12 EMA calculated on TokenSets?

The 12 EMA indicator is a weighted average of the on-chain MakerDAO ETH price for the past 12 days at approximately 7:05 pm UTC each day. Link to technical documentation of the EMA oracle here.

How the ETH12EMACO Set Performs

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Get started minting the ETH12EMACO Set on TokenSets here!

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