Set Community Update #7 — January 2020

Set Social Trading launched, Partnership with DEXTF announced, the ETHEMAAPY Set went live and much more!

Anthony Sassano
Feb 8 · 4 min read

Welcome to the seventh Set Community Update! In these updates, we’ll give an overview of everything that happened in the Set universe over the last month including new product releases, community and media engagements, growth metrics, partnerships, where we’ve been and more. Let’s dive in!

News and Product Releases

We had our most exciting launch since Trend Trading in January — Set Social Trading which launched with 13 unique traders offering 18 different strategies. We’ve also been posting spotlight interviews with each of our traders that you can view here. You can also read our Set Social Trading getting started guide here.

We formed a partnership with DEXTF in January that focuses on building the next-gen asset management infrastructure which tweaks some of the traditional relationships between the actors in the asset management industry, as we know them today, and the role of custody.

We launched the yield version of our popular ETH26EMACO Set on Tokens that uses cUSDC instead of USDC so that it’s earning interest via Compound. Check it out here.

We migrated away from our Telegram chat last month and we now have a vibrant and community community participating in discussions in our new Discord channel. Join here.

You can now download the Frontier mobile wallet app (beta) and use your Ethereum address or ENS to track your Social Trading Sets.

You can use DefiSnap’s desktop dashboard to keep track of your TokenSets positions (as well as various other DeFi products and services).

Set in the Media

Set made various appearances in the media over the last month:

  • The Block covered the launch of Set Social Trading
  • Chico Crypto published a great overview video of TokenSets and Set Protocol
  • One of our Social Traders, Aaron Kruger, was featured on the POV Crypto podcast
  • Ryan Sean Adams featured TokenSets in his piece ‘How to build a portfolio like a crypto native’
  • Coin Bureau briefly covered TokenSets in their DeFi overview video
  • Crypto Briefing covered the launch of Set Social Trading
  • Gary Rowe featured TokenSets in his piece ‘Building a Retirement Fund Using Ethereum’
  • DeFi — Hub posted a video on investing $1000 in different Sets
  • An overview of Set Protocol and TokenSets in Turkish was published
  • VeradiVerdict published a piece titled ‘Will Social Trading Bring Folks Into Crypto?’
  • Market Hodl covered TokenSets here
  • One of our Social Traders, CryptoCat, published a benchmark piece of their Fear & Greed Sentiment Set
  • Kierin Mulholland put together a video on TokenSets
  • A video on TokenSets by Cryptoverse (in Hindi)
  • Cryptor published a video on TokenSets in Russian
  • Meester Crypto published a video on TokenSets in Dutch


The Set Protocol Vault exploded in growth and passed it’s all time high in January growing from $1.6 million to $3.4 million thanks to more favorable market conditions and the launch of Set Social Trading.

Set Protocols Vault balance changes as measured in USD over the month of January

Set Protocol’s unique addresses had an explosive period of growth in January increasing from 1580 to 2418 addresses thanks to increased coverage of TokenSets in the media and the launch of Set Social Trading.

Set Protocol’s unique address growth for January

Interesting Tweets

  • Spencer Noon wants a Set full of Augur bets
  • A Set that consists of many different personal tokens
  • Peak composability using Unlock Protocol, Set Protocol and Sablier
  • You can trade Axie Infinity potions for Amrullah’s Set on Uniswap

Events and Community Engagements

January was another month of heads down building for the Set team but in February both Felix and Anthony will be attending ETHDenver from the 14th-16th of Feb — come say hi if you’re around!

We’re Hiring!

We’re currently looking for passionate Software Engineers to aid us in our goal of building open financial products for the world. If this sounds like an opportunity that you’re interested in, you can check out the roles on our new careers page here.

We’re also looking for additional market makers to participate in our Set rebalances. If this sounds like something you or your team are interested in, please send an email to

Learn more about Set and join our community

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Set Labs

Grow your crypto using automated asset management strategies

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Set Labs

Set Labs

Grow your crypto using automated asset management strategies

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