i’LL CrY If i waNT to

Anyway, today was my birthday and like many others, it has come and gone with minimal celebration. But I’m ok with that. I like to remind people that I was fortunate enough to grow up in a safe area (for the most part) where life expectancy wasn’t measured on a year to year basis thus surviving another year in our world isn’t a big deal. With that being said, I understand the attraction of having your own day to celebrate yourself while having everyone wait on you hand and foot; it’s attractive. I get it.

For me though, I’d rather celebrate the moments we earn throughout the year, those goals or life changes we create and work towards, those obstacles we overcome, and those changes we make to better ourselves. Those are the days I’d like to see celebrated. With that, let’s do a quick recap of my 28th year alive and see what I was able to celebrate…

(This part is all meant to be said in one breath as a run on sentence so on the count of three take a deep breath in and 3… 2… 1… read!)

At the turn of 28 years was a particular hard time for me as I had a lot of personal issues I was working through but with a strong support group at home and network of friends, I prevailed (although it’s always a work in progress, really). I traveled to California for a mastermind event to help grow a business I was a part of and my network as well. I was preparing for fatherhood and like magic, I was a father as of May 12th (although my wife might dispute the “like magic” comment). We continued to plug away at the business which we put all of our time, energy, and money into and saw a lot of great things come from. I spent a lot of the money I did earn traveling back seemingly everywhere for weddings and bachelor parties and even one bachelorette party (yeah, that’s right). I played minimal golf. My friend and I experienced the mirror maze at the Mall of America and give it an A+. I spent time with friends. We took second place in a kickball league. I pulled my hamstring playing in that kickball league. We didn’t take second place in our volleyball league. We celebrated many firsts for Camille. I was asked to step down from my business. I spent a week in Green Bay with my in-laws, which despite common misconceptions, was not torture and was in fact a vacation of many sorts. I spent much of Camille’s first 8 months right by her side. I sharpened my social media skills. I learned how to work a video camera and editing software. I was part of a kick ass high school wrestling program. I took the plunge into the corporate world. I am loving my new job.

The End



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