Start Acting Like A Baby

Roughly an unknown number of months ago I was with my wife, friends, and infant daughter at a Renaissance Fair. We were all walking about, enjoying all there was to see, tasting whatever tickled our noses, and carrying on amongst ourselves while shuffling through a crowd of hundreds. It was nothing short of a picturesque day at the fair.

Amidst the many in attendance was a family of, well two that I can remember. One of which was a father who I would guess to be in his 40's and another being his son who was roughly 7 years old. The reason these two stuck out is this. While walking out of an attraction, I noticed the kids screaming and crying. He wasn’t overly obnoxious but clearly someone or something had wronged him. As the father became embarrassed and in a hurry to resolve the situation he tugged on his sons arm and said, “Look around, all of these girls are looking at you because you’re acting like one.” “Hmm,” I thought to myself, “my child’s a girl and she’s not screaming. In fact, of all the kids around, boy or girl, yours is the only one crying.”

I pondered approaching the father and mentioning the same to him but clearly he wasn’t in a good place mentally. Not to mention, getting in an argument at a fair would be a little ridiculous and probably ruin an otherwise fantastic outing. From there, he drug his kid along as they went on their way as we separated and strolled along on ours but this event was not to be forgotten.

Now here I am an unknown number of months later with all of this parenting under my belt and knowledge so vast, I should write a book titled, “How to be the best parent ever and raise a child the best way possible.” Ok- perhaps there was a little sarcasm involved there. Neverless, as an attentive father I can observe and report on my findings as though this were an experiment in the science lab. One where we consistently tweak variables in attempt to increase the positive influence on the lab rat, I mean our child. And so far here’s what I’ve found.

People frequently use the term, “acting like a baby” when someone is out of sorts and I get it, babies cry. However, when dissected further I find that we might be better off if we all acted a little more like babies. Check it out…

  • Babies cry only when something is wrong (hungry, tired, poop in the diaper)
  • Babies are happier with a cardboard box than some fancy, shiny, new gadget thing that replaces the old, dull, gadget thing from last month
  • Babies smile A LOT
  • Babies can show you love like no other human
  • Babies aren’t going to hide the truth from you simply because they want to be nice. They will tell you what they need or how they feel regardless
  • Babies don’t spend their days working
  • Babies nap for their body
  • Babies don’t judge or have biases

Before we move on, I want to point out that I am pointing mostly to babies under the age of 12 months as that is who I’m most familiar with. With all that being said, I understand there are downsides to babies; I’m not completely insane. However I feel as though most are easily sidestepped by using the reasoning and skills we have developed as adults.

Overall I feel babies provide us a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. I would think any parent would attest to this. The biggest for me is how to have a better attitude. I know no two kids are alike but as it is for me, most kids have a pretty darn good outlook on life with a happy and positive attitude to match. And if their attitude is a little out of place it’s a simple fix of food, sleep, or a diaper. Therefore next time you are grumpy or wearing a frown, ask yourself which one of those three things you need to change.