What am I?

Photo Credit: Disney- Alice in Wonderland

From light and gentle, to hard and hurtful the breadth of adjectives to describe me are near endless.

Whether guy and girl or man and man, no matter who delivers and who receives, there is no right or wrong when using me.

During times of uncertainty and times of sorrow and through those requiring the utmost elation, you are sure to spot me faster than Waldo.

I am frequently used as a hybrid in an attempt to mask feelings: no one in the room is fooled.

There are those who dismiss me as quickly as a fly for they feel nothing beyond their own heart (or at least don’t want others to know they do).

I am free yet frequently forgotten.

I am powerful but grossly under used.

It’s my belief that of all forms of affection, I am the most sincere.

Where others can be faked, I cannot.

Perhaps you take me lightly, perhaps you pass me along as a formality but don’t be naive, your partner knows the difference between real and fake.

I am comforting…

I am loving…

I am friendly…

I am support…

I am whatever emotion you need me to be as long as you truly feel it.

I am your next hug.

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