Why I’m So Lucky

This morning I woke up to the honking of some geese, the chimes of wind decor, and sunshine peaking through my curtains. As I laid in bed next to my wife and one of my dogs, having the other pup close by on the floor and with my daughter just steps away in her room, I couldn’t help but smile. I know we have had issues in the past. Both her and I have dealt with personal and family dramas, problems, and passings that seemed insurmountable at times. Yet, despite these issues, this morning I found both of us lying together in the same bed surrounded by the creatures and beings who care for us the most on any given day. Despite our downs we will have our ups. Despite our wrong doings we work hard to get back ahead. Despite our troubles in the past or poor decisions at times, we still manage to wake up in a place millions of people would die for. We have shelter, running water, food in the fridge, electricity running through our walls, and too many garments to pick from. Not to mention our friends and family. Yes, we’re lucky.

Thinking through all of this within the first five minutes of my eyes opening today, I know I need to take full advantage of our fortune. I’ll start by doing a quick clean of the kitchen as that is the most frequented room in our house. Not only that, but being productive and seeing the clean kitchen will get me fired up to move forward with vigor throughout the day. From there I’ll move to “me time” before the mini-kraken awakes and starts to terrorize the pups. Once she is up and about, we will have lots of daddy, mommy, daughter time in the mix while we eat and play together. This will be fun!

As the morning comes to an end, Cami and I will send mommy off to her yoga session for some personal time in a studio room that is roughly 1000 degrees celsius, roughly. While she is gone, Cami and I will be planning and preparing for our Sunday afternoon excursion! Where to go today? That is the question. You see, due to my interest in making videos and the fact that we haven’t explored the Twin Cities and surrounding areas as much as we should have over the past two years, we have a family goal to make one mini-trip each weekend (if even for a couple of hours). This will accomplish a few things for us:

  1. Exercise and to set an example for Cami that movement is important!
  2. Allow for fun footage to turn into short videos (click here to check some of my work).
  3. It will keep us moving and exploring the area in which we live!

The last day trip was to the Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI. I highly recommend spending some time there as it is beautiful, peaceful, and simply relaxing. Today, well I’m not certain yet where we will go or what we will do today, but I am excited!

Beyond the day trip, we will return home for a delicious home cooked meal along with family time and prep work for the week to come. Some people, myself included at times, see the prep work as mundane but an evil necessity. I try to think of it as a way to get ahead. It can be just another step towards the ultimate goal of running my life and being in control of what happens to me rather than being behind day after day throughout the week. This will allow to be proactive in my life rather than reactive to the daily ebbs and flows. I know it’s not glorious right now but the payoff is big.

As the day winds down, I’ll be sure my fingers find their way back to the keyboard for some more “me time” just before I scribble in my Freedom Journal and head off to bed with my wife. All in all it will be a great day. One that I can look back to as a reflection of all the good luck and fortune I have in my life.

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