Hey Austin! Thanks for replying. I respect your position as a designer at Comcast. I was curious as I’m a designer venturing from creative data architecture, custom detections, human interaction design by cognitive approaches, dark patterns, to user experiences- end user persona. Not to mention I use to work for comcast, and prior to leaving I began redesigning call structures, and programming variations to create a parallel process structure of relevance and preciseness to orchestrate ample customer service per given market or target market by segmentation and way more in depth.

I’m curious to what and how internal comcast teams or you begin development of design from any aspect of comcast from internal applications to content to end user (TV guide) applications for mobile devices. What processes, and application cycles you guys use or implement.

As when I left comcast or prior to leaving I began working with a gentleman whom worked at Colombia cable, which turned into media one, then comcast and he him self was operating all advertisements and creating guide and interactions for the entire network @ the time. Besides developing out the sync, and coming to
Michigan to teach ford. Well I learned all of his knowledge by accelerated training and we hosted thewww.meetup.com/connectedcar

Which ford / gm / intel / microsoft / IBM xx came to attend. From custom designing interfaces for ford completely changing vehicle interactions, to bypassing proxy and hacking to vehicles. Point being I have known for a long long while about comcast / version integration with microsoft, and electricity — spectrum and disruptions of un needed cable lines. As persona and integration of (version) hence cellular towers. Thus comcast / microsoft integration of STB into console thus current / present time being xbox one. This is relevant to design and what I understand backwards from blend — visual studio — boxes in boxes and comcast again integration into console : microsoft.
As chrome cast and many other competitors are essential to comcast unlimited health. Customer base anyways. I’m curious to learn and hear from you Austin. Truth is I’m deciding whom I want to work for, and whom I don’t. By experience @ comcast Ann Arbor or in michigan I decided against comcast, however I realized I never looked into more relevance of comcast and into different cultures of comcast. Therefore I’m throughly vital to comcast for what I’m doing now with a company called. Holding all of security for FORD and I’m designing custom Apache Hadoop aka parallel processing defensive detections and how to capture and preventively stop attacks before they occur. More so hacking back. The more I learn and as I’m tapping into every viable future market; I’m deciphering what exactly I want to focus as my niche area and or company to become one with and maintain loyalty.

Amber, sorry for a dilemma in my response time! However thanks for your prompt responsiveness. I have a company established, and a provisional patent. Focus area of computational sensory devices, sleep medical, and embarking behavioral data collections, to determine outcomes of patients, thus SPARKing awareness of ones sleep, and algorithms proprietary to company sleepmedx inc. To determine next step for patient. However as markets and technology processes foreword, i have accelerated my abilities around cyber security and custom methodologies for intrusion capture and detection prior to breach; thus persona depletion of or plan of attack from root and source. With this being stated, I’m a master of advanced marketing, social marketing, segmentation, and release of segmentation by design, and intention, to adopt users, and lead any given market, thus being a target market. This is done, by data collections, and layers of information, however instead of machine learning and parallel processing, I’m able to custom develop Clusters for anyone product company or business development to allow such control. This is a dangerous understanding as when in the wrong hands, is able to use behavior cognition of end users, or group, state, city, even road, to infiltrate; watch, know, and therefore manipulate by emotional intelligence and information from data collections. Which is unethical by nature and what all companies are becoming aware of and begging to adopt. In fact, i was hired by a company called marketing located in Detroit MI, to develop custom logic, and detections of cyber security for all of ford security and data.

I’m looking for help with sleepmedx inc, and someone to lead company while i design and implement other aspects.


seth kontny.

Seth Michael Kontny

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    Seth Kontny

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    Seth Michael Kontny

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