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Seth Kontny
Dec 9, 2013 · 3 min read

I live the way I do, because of my actions and detailed mapping to fix and resolve everything. Today I let go. I cannot conceive an honest thought of why people within a family network create negativity. look down, brush off, loose hope, demand success and punish when success is reached. Irony.

Emotions are an amazing benefit, uncontrolled emotions represent a limited life. Anxiety = avoidance (minus) — attempting = opportunity Lost.

Conclusion: = fear.

If attempting again, understand you are against yourself, fearless conscious of failure. Other people only know what you inform them. Body expression is important. However let’s set it aside for now. Body expression is nature with confidence in oneself.

You are a different person, yes different and different is what it’s all about. It’s what’s is in, hot, topic, NEW, innovative, leading the future. Carry this with you.

When you meet someone new or of what you hold of importance. Reflect only on your thoughts. Make eye contact, don’t think about what te other person is thinking, or judging you.

Know this, judgement is build by ones insecurities.

Press on with eye contact and confidence. Body language will be superior as will your character if you allow no acknowledgment of others judgement of you. Because if you surpass others judgement, you’re automatically in full control, you’re now pilot of this conversation / situation. One person or group, take them for a ride.

Watch as an understanding of one simple fact can change daily interactions- change life.

Overcome all odds. I personally decided to step back, and recoil all my memories, past to current. Good and bad. Best and worst moments. Rise above them. Think how you felt, why did you allow yourself to feel that way. Think of your actions, minuscule to massive actions, emotions at all times. What was the outcome of this memory. Everything can be a positive outcome. As humans and emotional status shows we assume the worst. Be honest with yourself, did it actually turn out as horrible and horrific as you presumed? I urge you to act on this.

think out of box analogy.

Think of your life an what you want to accomplish or what you dream about doing in life. Anything.

Go it. Ok ready.

Let’s open our minds here. Seriously, try this.

Ok. Imagine your 3rd party. Outsider of your life. A video game. No not the aims. Real life, health, career family, money. Everything.

Take a character, make this personal look like you or make it you’re twin. You feel nothing( think matrix) you control actions without negative emtions of an you’d or fear. Tired not this time around. Life is short make use of time.

Make your person or game charter wake or early or sleep in late.

Want success or failure. Real life terms apply. Bills health. Weight. eceryhting.

Wake up super early work out, shower, relax with family, work — confine work as what you desire and do- make it into income for your family’s stability. Un planned event occurs, deal with it. Nervous, fearful. Not in this mental game. Send your twin of character to deal with it, you don’t have to.

Get the point. You and i can be where we want. Want a job @ a desired place.

If I controlled my chacactet I would make all my time wasted dedicated to going to office of desired job and ask, present. If it fails. Do it after lunch break again. Lol. Fails again. Demand why. Adapt to whatever it is. Learn it. Go back.

No emotions. who does that. Think about it. Your judging.Just take out emtions no fear. Fear not.

Someone saw you get rejected. Who gives a +%{+. If you care that much about what they think, %%# walk over to this person and confront them. Outcome will give you release. Do it. Why not. Now get your job, same interviewer. He or she is thinking “ not this insane, waste of time person. ” stop that negative thinking. In your mindset, not in theirs. “ they may not remember you, or if they do. So what. A million things could have processed thru their mind. No worries. It’s about you. Right. Yes. That is ther job. They can get fired for not performing professionally. Use it grasp the pilot seat and own the interview. Demand the position and no more interviews because you’re not settling for failure. Ask to prove it.

Think different.

Seth Michael Kontny

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    Seth Kontny

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    Seth Michael Kontny

    Personal Information of Individuality

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