Lord Hanuman reveals mystery of Linga

Setuu Hanuman Bodhi recently published chapter 13 of Lord Hanuman’s Leelas with Mathangs on setuu.org. In this chapter Lord Hanuman tells that every soul has an aura of light around it. This aura is called ‘Linga’. Let us try to visualize what Linga is all about.

Body and Linga of Lord Hanuman (Setuu Hanuman)

In the above image, the soul of Lord Hanuman is depicted by a yellow point of light. Around that soul, there is an aura of light which is shaped exactly like the shape of body. This aura is called Linga.

In modern science, there is concept of DNA. It is said that all the information about a person is stored in her DNA. Similarly, the science of Linga (Linga Shastra) is based on the principle that all the information about a soul is stored in it’s Linga. The information is stored in terms of two variables : Karma and Desire.

Sage Bhrigu had discovered that if any change is brought in Linga of a soul, it’s body shall also change. Sage Bhrigu did research on nature of Linga for decades and derived various formulas to transform and transport a body by way of altering it’s Linga.

Lord Vishnu had given a challenge to Sage Bhrigu. He gave him a soul which had Linga of a wild boar. Sage Bhrigu named that soul as ‘Varaha’. The challenge for sage Bhrigu was to give Moksha to Varaha.

Sage Bhrigu knew how to make a human realize the supreme truth by way of supreme knowledge. But the task was to make a wild boar realize the supreme truth.

He altered the Linga of the wild boar and transformed it into a human. Sage Bhrigu was so excited with the results of his experiments that an idea occurred to him, “Can we give Moksha to a human without the supreme knowledge; simply by altering the Linga?”

To get Moksha, a soul has to get rid of it’s Karma-Desires. A soul has Linga because of Karma-Desires. If there is no Karma-Desire, there would be no Linga. Sage Bhrigu’s idea was to destroy the Linga so that Karma and Desire automatically get destroyed along with Linga.

In his attempt to destroy Karma-Desires of Varaha’s soul, Sage Bhrigu learned about Linga of the supreme three — Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

He learned that Lord Brahma has no Linga. Therefore He has no body in MaanvLoka. That means, He does not appear in any mortal body of mortal worlds.

Lord Shiva is indifferent to both positives and negatives of this world. If we mix all positive energies and negative energies of this world and contain them into a body, we will get an oval shaped body of light. Such a body of light is Lord Shiva’s Linga.

Lord Shiva’s Linga (Setuu Hanuman)

Lord Shiva’s Linga is oval shaped. If He appears in a body of MaanavLoka, that body would be oval shaped. But He never appears fully in MaanavLoka. Half of Him always remains in Shiva Loka. That is why He appears in MaanavLoka in semi-oval shaped bodies.

On the other hand, if you put all positive energies of this universe into a single body of light, shape of such a body would be that of most beautiful human. Such a body of light is Lord Vishnu’s Linga. That is why He appears in MaanavLoka in human shaped bodies. In Tirupathi hills He appears in a human-shaped body of stone. (The beautiful idol of Lord Venkateswara)

Lord Vishnu’s body and Linga (Setuu Hanuman)

In this age of Ignorance, the meaning of word “Linga” is fully distorted. I pay my gratitude to Lord Hanuman for restoring the ancient meaning of Linga. I pay my gratitude to Gurus at Setuu for deciphering this chapter.

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